Automatic classify leak sounds using our AI & Machine Learning solutions

  • Identify PRV Sounds
  • Identify Leak Sounds
  • Identify Other Noise Sounds

Our water/oil & gas leak detection solution

Water/Oil & Gas leak events are common in pipeline networks - more regularly than you'd expect actually, which causes billions of liters and commensurate revenue loss annually. Pipeline operators try to tackle this by installing acoustic sensors at regular intervals to identify leaks based on captured sounds.

Leak detection through sounds is still a tedious, manual and error-prone process since humans find it often difficult to distinguish between leak and non-leak sounds.

In a first for the industry, we have created a state-of-the-art deep learning prediction algorithm that tags leaks and non-leaks with high accuracy (typically above 85%). Leak detection will never be the same again. Do try out our demo to see the solution in action.

acoustic sensors record sounds

Installed acoustic sensors record sounds and send them wirelessly to central server repository for analysis and classification .

algorithms classify sounds

Our smart Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms classify and tag sounds as potential leaks or non-leaks.

real-time leak alerts

Our alerting system sends real-time alerts to authorized personnel to investigate and rectify leaks

Comparison of 6 months data (For Water Network)

Before Voisof deployment

Operational EfficiencyWater DeliveredWater Loss35%65%
Water Loss35

After Voisof deployment

Operational EfficiencyWater DeliveredWater Loss20%80%
Water Loss20

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